Internet Usage Among Children

Internet is the technological advancement which helps the world connected. It brings the world as a global village. We are aware about the uses of this media. It helps us to collect any information at a finger touch. But concerns also mounting regarding the misuse of internet especially among school children.

Internet is widely used as an educational tool to collect information. In this scenario a parent cannot ban internet to the children. If we do so it will be crime against his or her right to get correct information. Parents and school teachers have to decide how to make internet a safe place for children. Our innocent children may stumble upon undesirable sites about pornography, violence or obscenity. Another misuse of internet includes hacking, creating malware codes and gambling.

Parents should be educated about the technology to equip themselves to handle this situation. We see different channels in a television which is suitable for our family. In the same we have the freedom to choose between the worse and the best. There are many types of space available in the cyber space. The choice is ours. Another method to monitor our child’s internet activity is to spent time with him while online. Then we can teach that what is right and what is wrong. Responsible parenting helps to reduce internet crimes or misuse.

Parents or teachers can ask the children to share about their favourite web sites. We can guide them to the right path by giving a list of web sites which helps them to do their home works or projects. When the children start to use the internet for the good purpose we can save them from misusing it. Always keep the computer in an open area where the family members can see and monitor the activities.

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