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Understanding Poverty in Developing Countries

Some of the most challenging issues facing the developing countries are poverty, development of rural areas and building infrastructure. The human capital is the biggest asset; it needs investment in health and education. We also need to understand the concept of employment and the need for creating more employment in these countries. The pattern or model of development with the help of international community envisaged set emphasis on the progress of the poorest of the poor. Hence, integrating them into the mainstream and achieving a minimum standard of living to all is still an unaccomplished dream for these countries.

However we need to understand that poverty is something which is only challenging for developing countries; but is for the entire world. It has countless faces that have changed from one place to another throughout the time. Enough food to eat, adequate shelter, access to education and health, protection from violence etc. are the basic requirement of a society. In order to change the pathetic scenario of our poorer sector proper action plan should be implemented.  So poverty is actually a call for action for the poor and the wealthy alike.

Malnutrition is high among the poor. Ill health, disability or other serious illness makes them physically weak. They usually borrow money from local money lenders which lead them to chronic indebtedness. In some areas they are exploited by employers also. Most of the poor houses don’t have electric power connection.  A large section of poor people don’t have access to safe drinking water. Some are denied education. Their children are often less likely to survive or be born healthy.

If these countries are to solve the problem of poverty, they have to find viable and sustainable strategies to address the causes of poverty and design schemes to help the poor come out of their problems.

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