Social Relationship

An Introduction to Social Service

As a social being we relate each other and to the society. When we live in a particular society we may need to involve in many social service activities. We may serve the society in many ways. Serving the fellow human being, nature and other creatures have a great value

Serving the fellow human being is based on the solidarity caring and brotherhood. Empathy and compassion based on eternal love is the basis of service. Man should not be concerned about his own surroundings but also for the welfare and benefit of the society. We should consider our fellow beings as our brothers and sisters.

Any service rendered for the improvement of the social condition of the society can be referred as ‘social work’. The social service should have the humanitarian consideration not the profit motive. The interest should be to the society not to any personal gains. It cannot be rendered with any self cantered motive. It should contain an element of self sacrifice. We should try to uplift the poor and needy to the main streams of the society by doing social service.

Service mind cannot be created by mere teaching or knowledge. Service to the society should form as a habit by selfless love towards fellow human beings. We can involve in the service of the society by doing simple but committed actions. Driving, for others, visiting the aged and needy, giving food for the poor, offering our skills to others, keeping the nature clean, build home to the homeless etc. are examples for social work. We need not to be very rich or powerful to do social service only thing we need to have is a loving compassionate heart towards the fellow human beings. So be prepared for the service to the society.

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